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Dear Friends of Southwark Park, we are delighted to announce the publication of our free Summer 2016 activities brochure. If you would like a copy then please drop in at the Southwark Park Office and ask for one. Or you can download a copy by clicking on the pdf file below.

Hope to see you at some of the events.....

Fosp Summer Prog 2016 web pages.pdf Fosp Summer Prog 2016 web pages.pdf
Size : 4604.644 Kb
Type : pdf
  • We now have a Friends of Southwark Park Facebook group!! If you have a Facebook account you can access the page here and sign up to be a group member. 
  • Southwark Park Cricket Club - if you are interested in becoming a member (and they are recruiting), go to their website at here
  • The Council's Cleaner, Greener, Safer programme approved an outdoor table tennis table and a nature area classroom for Southwark Park.
  • One of our members, Graham Taylor, has recently published a book about Ada Salter. Here is the publisher's link: or simply click on the image below:

 Other Free Downloadable Publications’ 


You can download copies of the books (for free) here:

Our Park_opt.pdf Our Park_opt.pdf
Size : 13839.406 Kb
Type : pdf
Southwark Park Bowling Club_opt.pdf Southwark Park Bowling Club_opt.pdf
Size : 7176.575 Kb
Type : pdf
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