Memories of Southwark Park..... 

If you would like to send us some memories of your fondest memories of being in or around the park, or even growing up in the surrounding area, post them to us via our Contact us page, maybe with a picture or two.....

Our first contribution of from Tricia Wiley:

From Tricia Wiley: 

‘I am now 66 but have such happy memories of the park. Just in the gates near Jamaica Road there was the bomb site which we loved to play on. It was a disappointment when they filled it in. I could not wait for the summer holidays when they use to put on a talent show on the bandstand for the children - I won quite a few book tokens as I love to sing.   It gave so much confidence to children. It was very well organised. They also put on shows for the children and Punch and Judy was my favourite.

'We would play on the swings or go to the outside swimming pool. The lady in charge of the swing area was a right dragon you had to behave or you were thrown out. The park was spotless she did a wonderful job. Loved the swings that was like a see saw with a child at each end - no health and safety in those days. The higher the better when the park keeper was not looking. Also they had a maypole which we had so much fun on. Many a time we played in the sandpit and went home I got a telling off from my mum for dirtying my clothes. 

'When we got older used to love mini golf or watching people play tennis. It was always busy. Near where the rose gardens we used to feed the ducks and then walk around and look at the flowers. The garden was immaculate with beautiful flowers.

'I took my children to Southwark Park in the late 70s and early 80s and was appalled at the state of the park. It was so neglected and dirty. Litter everywhere. I could have cried.  Glad it is having some money spent on it.’


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