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The Friends of Southwark Park is a membership organisation and is open to all regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. Currently there is no membership fee. We believe that the more members we have, the more our voice is heard.

If you want to contribute to improving the park, we encourage you to join us by contacting

If you are interested in reading our constitution please download the document below.


Notes of all general meetings prior to 2015, plus Annual General meetings up to 2015, can now be read and downloaded by clicking on the file below:

nov 2015.pdf nov 2015.pdf
Size : 147.395 Kb
Type : pdf
october 2015.pdf october 2015.pdf
Size : 144.172 Kb
Type : pdf
FOSP Minutes nov 2010 to September 2015.pdf FOSP Minutes nov 2010 to September 2015.pdf
Size : 2540.222 Kb
Type : pdf
constitution.pdf constitution.pdf
Size : 323.519 Kb
Type : pdf


We hold regular General meetings (about ten per annum).  We publish agendas and minutes of the meetings on this page.

Our Committee manages the affairs of the group on behalf of members and meets not less than twice a year.

Next meeting:

The next general meeting will be held on:

Wednesday 28 February, 2018, starting at 6pm at the Canada Estate Tenants Hall

See below for agenda and notes of the January meeting.

For directions to new location, click here.

Notes of previous meetings:

November 2017.pdf November 2017.pdf
Size : 481.356 Kb
Type : pdf
September 2017.pdf September 2017.pdf
Size : 656.812 Kb
Type : pdf
July 2017.pdf July 2017.pdf
Size : 632.92 Kb
Type : pdf
June 2017.pdf June 2017.pdf
Size : 470.034 Kb
Type : pdf
May 2017.pdf May 2017.pdf
Size : 698.927 Kb
Type : pdf
April 2017.pdf April 2017.pdf
Size : 621.425 Kb
Type : pdf
mar 2017.pdf mar 2017.pdf
Size : 782.136 Kb
Type : pdf
Feb 2017.pdf Feb 2017.pdf
Size : 195.783 Kb
Type : pdf
Jan_2017.pdf Jan_2017.pdf
Size : 593.371 Kb
Type : pdf
nov 2016.pdf nov 2016.pdf
Size : 556.383 Kb
Type : pdf
agm agenda 2016.pdf agm agenda 2016.pdf
Size : 643.979 Kb
Type : pdf
july 2016.pdf july 2016.pdf
Size : 271.66 Kb
Type : pdf
june 2016.pdf june 2016.pdf
Size : 272.741 Kb
Type : pdf
may 2016.pdf may 2016.pdf
Size : 295.76 Kb
Type : pdf
april 2016.pdf april 2016.pdf
Size : 276.567 Kb
Type : pdf
march 2016.pdf march 2016.pdf
Size : 297.301 Kb
Type : pdf
feb 2016.pdf feb 2016.pdf
Size : 283.453 Kb
Type : pdf
jan 2016.pdf jan 2016.pdf
Size : 316.107 Kb
Type : pdf

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